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An Affiliate of OAUG

EBusinees Suite Applications Technology Stack SIG

Current Events:

  OAUG EBS Applications Technology Stack SIG Meeting:

    OAUG Collaborate 17 -- Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

    Mandalay Bay Convention Center

    Las Vegas, Nevada,  USA

    Monday 03-Apr-2017    04:15PM PT - 05:15PM PT

    Conference-Room:  Banyan-B



    Introduction and Current Topics:

     Sandra Vucinic,  OAUG-EBS AppsTech Stack SIG, Chairperson
                                  E-Business Suite Applications Tech Stack SIG – Welcome
     Marvin Sanchez, E-Business Suite Applications Tech Stack In the Cloud
     Michael Barone,  E-Business Suite Applications Tech Stack 12.2 HTTP-WLS
     Oracle Panel:       EBS Applications Tech Stack Oracle Panel with Steven, Elke, Kevin and Santiago

OAUG EBS Applications Tech Stack SIG Meeting: OAUG Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

Join the EBS Applications Technology Stack SIG at Oracle Application Users Group (OAUG) Collaborate 17, Mandaly Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada:

OAUG E-Business Suite Application Technology Stack SIG (Special Interest Group) 03-April-2017 (Monday) 04:15PM PT to 05:15PM PT Conference Room Banyan-B.
OAUG Conference Dates:  02-April-2017 until 06-April-2017

Register for the EBS Applications Technology Stack SIG OAUG Collaborate 17 meeting here.

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